Privacy Policy

JCB Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "JCB") and Nowcast, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "NC", collectively referred to as "Service Providers") recognize the importance of personal information of Subscribers and Applicants (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Clients"), handle such personal information carefully and accurately, and provide better services and better products. Accordingly, The Service Providers implement the following efforts in the responsible protection of Clients' personal information.

  1. (Abidance of Law)
    The Service Providers abide all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other such related matters.

  2. (Internal Programs)
    The Service Providers place regulations and rules necessary for operations and administrate its organization by appointing managers for creating programs to carry out personal information protection.

  3. (Acquiring Personal Information)
    3.1 The Service Providers may obtain name, address, phone number, email address and other such personal information through instances when Applicants apply subscription to the Services, when Subscribers sign up for newsletters, or when the Service Providers carry out Subscribers surveys.

    3.2 The Service Providers may request name, email address and other information of Subscribers when processing password registrations on Subscribers-only websites. The registered information is used for identity verification procedure for access control of Subscribers-only websites.

    3.3 The Service Providers may, for the purposes prescribed in 4.2 and 4.3, use personal information that is widely disclosed to the public (personal information that is published on gazettes, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, telephone directories, the Japan Company Handbook, list of Members of Parliament, public list of employers and employees in various industries, etc.) and lists (governmental officials records, corporate yearbooks, corporate employees rolls, etc.) that are lawfully sold or disclosed at the governmental publication service center, co-ops, book stores, etc.

  4. (Purposes of Personal Information Usage)
    The Service Providers use personal information for the following purposes:

    4.1 Providing Service and carrying out related actions such as processing registrations, administrative procedures, and contacting Subscribers;

    4.2 Providing information on the Service Providers' new products or new services;

    4.3 Requesting to answer questionnaires for market researches or product developments;

    4.4 Outsourcing operations within necessary boundaries of fulfilling operations

    4.5 Processing applications for seminars, administrative procedures, and contacting seminar participants.

  5. (Consent on Usage of Personal Information)
    When the Service Providers obtain personal information from Clients, the Service Providers clearly indicate purposes for using personal information and receive consent from them, and obtain such personal information only to the extent necessary for fulfilling the indicated purposes.

  6. (Usage of Personal Information)
    The Service Providers only use personal information of Clients within the scope of the purposes.

  7. (Consent on Obtainment of Personal Information)
    The decision of whether to provide personal information, and which personal information to provide shall be based on the free will of Client; . provided, however, that , the Client cannot receive the full Services when the Client does not provide the necessary information for the Service Providers to achieve the purposes.

  8. (Securing Accuracy)
    The Service Providers take appropriate measures to manage the Client's personal information accurately and up-to-date.

  9. (Cookies)
    The Service Providers use cookies in order to provide functions to help the Client to save time. The cookie is a function that saves information or data which is input on the Service Providers' website on the Client's hard drive, and that is automatically taken out as necessary when the website's services are being used. The cookie is assigned to individual computer of Client, and may only be read by the web server with the domain that issued the cookie. Settings on Client’s computers may be modified to allow/disallow cookies. Please note that information will be saved on computers when using one device with two or more users, or when using devices at internet cafes.

  10. (Measures on Security Management)
    The Service Providers carefully manage and take preventative, remedial security measures against unauthorized accesses, losses, destruction, falsification, and leakages of information.

  11. (Employees Training)
    The Service Providers shall train and enforce full dissemination towards employees on personal information protection.

  12. (Supervision of Subcontractors)
    The Service Providers may subcontract to handle personal information of Clients to third parties as necessary, within the legitimate use. The Service Providers obligate the subcontractors to strictly manage personal information and supervise the subcontractors.

  13. (Restrictions on Provision to Third Parties)
    The Service Providers will not disclose or provide personal information of Clients to third parties without permission from Clients, with the exceptions of disclosing information to subcontractors as prescribed in Article 4 and in instances required by lawful regulations.

  14. (Disclosure an Revision of Personal Information)
    In regards to the personal information of Clients that the Service Providers hold, the Service Providers respond as promptly as possible, in a rational manner and within the scope towards requests from Clients for confirmation and revision of their personal information.
  15. (Continuous Reexamination of Internal Training)
    The Service Providers make continuous efforts of reexamining and improving rules pertaining to the handling of personal information and organizational frameworks to execute such rules in order to ensure the consistency of effective and appropriate management.

  16. (Procedures for Requesting Disclosures, etc. of Personal Information)
    The Service Providers appropriately respond towards any request from Clients for disclosures and revisions and the like of personal information that is held by the Service Providers based on the Personal Information Protection Law. The contact for inquiries is available on the Service's websites when Client requests disclosures, revisions, and deletions of its personal information, or complaints regarding the handling of personal information. It should be noted that for each procedure, the Service Providers may ask for identifications to confirm Client's identity.