Preliminary figures for the second half of April (16th-30th) and entire month of April released

The operations office of "JCB Consumption NOW" notifies you that the preliminary figures for the second half of April (16th-30th) and the entire month of April have been released.

The non-adjusted index of the month of April measured 107.6, ranking it the third highest consumption level in the past two years.

The figures confirm that a firm trend of consumption was maintained throughout the month of April, indicating that the recovery of the economy is continuing into the new fiscal year.

Within the individual industries, e-commerce had the highest rate of increase.

The petrol stations for the entire month of April and the family restaurants for the second half of April have also shown relatively high increases.

The detailed figures are available on the member exclusive pages.


The next delivery of data is scheduled around June 5th.

* Delivery dates may be changed accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

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