Recommended computer environment

We recommend the below computer environment for your usage of JCB Consumption NOW.

    Recommended OS / Broswer

  • Windows / Internet Explorer

Some functions of the website may not be available for usage on browers such as IE7 and IE8.

Important Notice

When accessed on a smartphone, some functions of the service may not be used, or will be shown in our desktop website's format.
When accessed on a tablet, the service may be used on our desktop website, however, some functions may not be used or be properly shown.
Depending on your combination of browsers, OS, security software, and Internet connection, the service may not be properly shown or function correctly. (This may be resolved by changing the time and place of access, or clearing/restarting the device's casche.
To download and install the appropriate OS for your browser, please refer to the individual websites of your browser's provider.

Operational readiness testing

The service's operational readiness is tested using the below computer environments.

Devices OS Broswer
PC Windows 7 Internet Explorer 11
8.1 Internet Explorer 8.1