Discover the "real" trends
of consumption activities

Characteristics and payment information of the random sample from 10 million JCB Group members will first be processed to a state where it is impossible to identify the data provider. The processed data will then be open to users in the form of consumption index on the site of JCB Consumption NOW.

For detailed information of the data processing method, please click here.

Although individual consumption accounts for approximately 60% of GDP, changes in our daily consumption activities, such as increases of e-commerce and service consumption, have made trends more difficult to detect, and marketing and policy-making difficult.
JCB Consumption NOW can solve these problems.
We offer you an innovative barometer for identifying a diverse range of consumption trends.

What JCB Consumption NOW offers?

Find out about today's booming industries

Grasp the consumption trends of various industries

Our indexes are developed using information from actual credit card payments, allowing consumption trends to be traced like never before - by both industry and by forms of sales.

Follow Japan's economy real-time

High Responsiveness

We distribute in only 2 weeks after collectting our data, phenomenally improving the responsiveness of consumption indexes, compared to other survey-based statistics.

Release Schedule

Grasp the consumption of each consumer segment

Grasp the consumption of each consumer segment

JCB Consumption NOW shows a more specifically classified consumption trend (classified by residence area, age and gender) than before through segmenting the sales data.

Find Out Our Release Schedule

Comparison with the government statistics

The difference between government consumption statistics and JCB Consumption NOW is introduced.

Family Income and Expenditure Survey


Frequence of result publication

Results published a month later
Results published at the end of next month

High responsiveness


Consumer segmentation

Around 9000 households

Number of consumers subject to survey

Around 30 billion yen annually

Consumption amount of the consumers subject to survey

Analyze the questionnaire results

Survey method

Current Survey of Commerce

Monthly Quarterly Annually

Results published a month later
Results published at the end of next month


Around 15,000 shops
(Supply side statistics)


Analyze the questionnaire results

JCB Consumption NOW


Results published on the 15th workday
Results published on the 15th workday of the next month.


10 million population

4 trillion yen

Analyze the actual purchase data

※Data will be released on the following business day if the scheduled release day happens to be Saturday, Sunday or national holiday.