Co-developed and powered by companies JCB and Nowcast, Japan's only international payment brand and the Japanese forerunner in big data analytics, "JCB Consumption Now" is the cutting-edge index for tracking today's consumption activities.

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Monthly consumption levels are calculated with the base level set at 100 from consumption levels of April 2016 (as of November, 2021).
"Consumer spending" represents the consumption history in all industries, including industries with data released in this service.

With membership, users can see bi-monthly consumption data and download index data. Users also have access to the data classified by industries of retailers where transactions take place, or by the characteristics of consumers (including residence area, gender and age) . In addition, we provide you access to our Nowcast report, with coverage to member store areas.

What is JCB Consumption NOW?

Member information of the data providers


Statistics are collected from a selection
of data owned by 10 million JCB Group members (except the members who registered not to authorize the use of their data)

Transaction amount of data providers

trillion yen

The index is based on actual transaction data of the members subject to statistics collection.

Before the collection and delivery of data


Data and information are delivered 15 days after deadlines (the 15th or the last day of each month) - featured by outstanding immediacy.

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