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JCB Consumption NOW is a new credit card consumption tracker that shows you retail consumption trends on a real-time basis. JCB Consumption NOW is developed from JCB's credit card transaction data using Nowcast's advanced big data analysis technology.

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Consumption statistics in your hand
before anyone else

Img3Food services
Img4Petrol stations

We provide the ultimate compass

to capture all sorts of consumption activities,

including e-commerce and food services.

Find the consumption trends you want to know "now"

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※ Monthly consumption levels are calculated with Consumption based on April 2015 set at 100 (as of May 2017).

Membership can see consumption data every month, download index data, and also have access to each data of industry.

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What is JCB Consumption NOW?


Find out about today's booming industries

Learn about consumption trends
that were difficult to measure previously, such as e-commerce, food services, and petrol stations


Follow Japan's real-time economy

Data is collected and distributed within 15 business days.
Compared to other existing indexes that use survey-based data, JCB Consumption NOW has succeeded in improving the speed of response.

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